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Traffic Rider has a very large number of players, but Traffic Rider often takes a long time to download. Currently, BooBoo provides a browser version for Traffic Rider to play online. Players can easily play Traffic Rider without downloading. And this will be the latest version. You deserve to experience it!

Traffic Rider GamePlay

Traffic Rider is a game for the iOS and Android platforms, developed by Koolbit. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

The objective of Traffic Rider is to score points by riding a motorcycle through traffic. The game is set on a highway, and the player must avoid oncoming traffic while trying to score points. There are different game modes, including a time trial mode and a mode where the player must collect coins.

The controls of the game are simple, and the player must tilt their device to steer the motorcycle. The game becomes more difficult as the player progresses, and there are many different challenges to keep the player engaged.

The graphics of Traffic Rider are impressive, and the game provides an immersive experience. The sound design is also excellent, and the game features realistic motorcycle sounds.

Overall, Traffic Rider is an enjoyable game that is easy to pick up and play. The game is challenging enough to keep the player engaged, and the graphics and sound design are impressive. If you are looking for a fun game to play on your iOS or Android device, then Traffic Rider is definitely worth checking out.

Traffic Rider Features

Traffic Rider is an endless driving game developed and published by Soner Kara. The game was released for Android and iOS devices on August 2, 2016.

The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by riding through traffic. The game is set on a highway and the player controls a motorcycle. The player must avoid hitting other vehicles and must stay within the lane. The game features three game modes: Career, Endless, and Time Trial.

Career mode features 100 levels, and the player must complete each level within the given time limit. Endless mode is an endless version of the game, and the player must score as many points as possible. Time Trial mode features 20 levels, and the player must complete each level within the given time limit.

The game features five motorcycles, and each motorcycle has its own statistics. The game also features 31 achievements.

Traffic Rider is a free-to-play game, and it contains advertisements. The game can be played offline, but some features, such as leaderboards and achievements, require an internet connection.

Traffic Rider is a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. The game is challenging, and it will take some time to master. If you are looking for a game to play when you have some free time, then Traffic Rider is the game for you.

Traffic Rider Cloud Game FAQ

Do I need to download to play Traffic Rider on BooBoo?

BooBoo Traffic Rider is a cloud game, you can experience exactly the same game experience as Traffic Rider app in BooBoo, and you don't need to spend a long time downloading it.

Is Traffic Rider free to play?

Yes, BooBoo Traffic Rider cloud game is completely free, you don't need to spend money to experience it.

What is BooBoo?

BooBoo is an online cloud game platform. You can enter in the browser to play any popular game online.

How to play Traffic Rider on BooBoo?

You only need to click "Start" in the upper right corner of this page to enter the Traffic Rider cloud game page, and you can play Traffic Rider directly without registration.

Is the content of Traffic Rider up to date?

Yes, the Traffic Rider provided by BooBoo is the latest version. You can experience the fun of the game brought by Traffic Rider at for the first time.



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