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Tank Stars has a very large number of players, but Tank Stars often takes a long time to download. Currently, BooBoo provides a browser version for Tank Stars to play online. Players can easily play Tank Stars without downloading. And this will be the latest version. You deserve to experience it!

Tank Stars GamePlay

Tank Stars is a mobile game developed and published by Playgendary. The game is a tank-based artillery game where players take turns firing at each other in an attempt to destroy their opponent's tank.

The game is played on a rectangular battlefield with two tanks placed at opposite ends. Each tank has a limited amount of ammunition and health, and the objective of the game is to destroy the other tank before it runs out of either.

Players take turns firing at each other, and can choose to either direct their shots manually or use the game's auto-aim feature. Shots can be fired over obstacles, and tanks can be moved around the battlefield to take cover from enemy fire.

There are a variety of different weapons available in the game, including machine guns, missiles, and lasers. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, and players must carefully choose their arsenal in order to be successful.

The game also features a variety of power-ups which can be used to temporarily boost a tank's speed, damage, or health. These power-ups are randomly spawned on the battlefield, and can be collected by either tank.

Tank Stars is a fun and addictive game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The simple mechanics and easy-to-learn gameplay make it perfect for quick pick-up-and-play sessions, while the strategic depth and variety of weapons ensure that there is plenty of room for skillful players to shine.

Tank Stars Features

Tank Stars is a game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Game loft. It is a free to play game with in-app purchases. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy tanks. The game is set in a desert environment.

The game is played from a top-down perspective. The player controls their tank by using the on-screen joystick. They can move the tank forwards, backwards, and turn it left and right. The player can also fire their tank's cannon by pressing the fire button.

There are two types of tanks in the game: light tanks and heavy tanks. Light tanks are faster and more manoeuvrable than heavy tanks but they have weaker armour. Heavy tanks are slower but they have stronger armour.

The player can earn coins by destroying enemy tanks. These coins can be used to purchase upgrades for the player's tank. Upgrades include better armour, faster engines, and more powerful cannons.

The game features four different modes: single player, multiplayer, survival, and time trial. In single player mode, the player must complete a series of levels by destroying all of the enemy tanks. In multiplayer mode, the player can play against other players online. In survival mode, the player must try to survive for as long as possible against an endless stream of enemy tanks. In time trial mode, the player must complete a level as fast as possible.

Tank Stars is a fun and addicting game that will keep you entertained for hours. If you are looking for a challenging and exciting game to play, then look no further than Tank Stars.

Tank Stars Cloud Game FAQ

Do I need to download to play Tank Stars on BooBoo?

BooBoo Tank Stars is a cloud game, you can experience exactly the same game experience as Tank Stars app in BooBoo, and you don't need to spend a long time downloading it.

Is Tank Stars free to play?

Yes, BooBoo Tank Stars cloud game is completely free, you don't need to spend money to experience it.

What is BooBoo?

BooBoo is an online cloud game platform. You can enter booboo.cc in the browser to play any popular game online.

How to play Tank Stars on BooBoo?

You only need to click "Start" in the upper right corner of this page to enter the Tank Stars cloud game page, and you can play Tank Stars directly without registration.

Is the content of Tank Stars up to date?

Yes, the Tank Stars provided by BooBoo is the latest version. You can experience the fun of the game brought by Tank Stars at BooBoo.cc for the first time.



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